A cookie is a file that the web server sends to the computer to store and retrieve information about the browsing made from the computer. Lola Li uses different types of cookies (technical and analytical) with the aim to improve the user’s browsing of our site, control the session and the visitor’s behaviour.

Technical cookies are those needed or useful to show some services. If deactivated you won’t be able to view correctly some of the contents of this site.

Analytical cookies are those needed to analyze statisticaly the behaviour of the visitors. If deactivated the website will keep on working.

Used cookies

languageTechnicalPermanentIt allows us to identify your favourite language while browsing this site.
session_idTechnicalSessionIt allows us to follow your session while browsing.
“Google Analytics”AnalyticalPermanentGenerates an unique identifier to follow the behaviour of our visitors, place where they did came from, etc.
eu_cooklessTechnicalPermanentIt allows us to identify if the user agreed the cookie policy.
Social (Facebook, Twitter)SocialDependsDepends on each social network.
FacebookRemarketingPermanentAllows the network to know if you’ve visited our website.
TwitterRemarketingPermanentAllows the network to know if you’ve visited our website.

You can always control which cookies you want to work in this website. If you want to block any of them please go to Preferences in your browser.

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