About Lola Li

LOLA LI is the union of Amparo Utrilla and Miguel Reveriego’s visions of the fashion world.

Amparo is one of the most reputable stylists in Spain, and Miguel, among the world’s most renowned fashion photographers.

Having been friends before becoming business partners, they decided in 2011 to stop imagining what their brand could be and to make it happen. Thus was born LOLA LI, a brand for women who are real, with a creative spirit, knowledgeable about fashion, confident in their style and who desire clothing that reflects their authenticity.

Our collections are small and carefully thought out. Combining a cosmopolitan viewpoint with Spanish flair, we create ultra-sexy garments and contemporary basics that are designed to boost femininity. In the words of Amparo and Miguel, “Our customer feels very feminine and never forgets the pleasure of feeling attractive. She is independent, likes to be noticed and looks at the world through a discerning eye.”

LOLA LI is the result of Amparo and Miguel’s intention to create a fashion brand that is personal, different and sexy.

LOLA LI collections are made entirely in Spanish ateliers using European fabrics, to ensure the finest quality and maintain tight control over the production process.

LOLA LI garments have been worn by celebrities such as Elena Anaya, Paulina Rubio, Marta Sánchez, Amaia Salamanca, Patricia Conde, Russian Red, Ana Polvorosa, Cristina Alarcón and Ana Torroja, and many more.